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of the united states. i would also like to see mitt romney reach out to these people these 47% that he's been talking about. whom he disparaged in these remarks and make it plain that these policies are in their benefit. that by creating more incentives. by moving the country away from it's dependdency -- >> wait, we are going to come back. give everybody an opportunity. reach out for everybody. what is your take? >> you call this a dirty trick. using somebody else's own words is a dirty trick. >> they have had it since last may. that is the thing. and now the other side by the way is going to use another dirty trick because they have this type of obama saying i'm a redistributionist. >> those are his own words. he said it. don't deknny it. if robert costa is right. that means he hasn't had a good week since may. >> he may be in trouble but polls have romney neck in neck, a deed even race with obama. what is your take? >> my take is on the video, this was a chance to refocus the campaign on the right issue whose got the program that is going to build the economy and create jobs and growth not
of the united states, but is that enough 46 days before the election? also tonight, so the president says he has come to learn that you can't change washington from the inside. reminder that he ran in 2008 as an outsider, pitching change against senator john mccain. learn learned, what else has the president learned in his three years in office? the markets closed flat for the day mostly, and flat for the week. tonight we're getting hard numbers on what falling off the fiscal cliff could mean and what it could cost the markets, 20%, at the very least. so how is congress going about it? earlier today the house went into recess until after the election and the senate wraps up tonight and we'll look at washington at work or not, but first up, after months of resisting and saying he's done what's required, mitt romney put out a friday surprise and released his 2011 tax return and nbc's john harwood joins us. >> reporter: good evening, joe. mitt romney promised when he released preliminary estimates that he would release these returns before the election and now he's done it. he actually reported les
good and the dollar is rallying and the united states represented the best place to invest. the stock market could do higher. >> i figure after the first 16 or 18 minutes of stock market rally with qe-3, i think the stock market this whole bloody thing, they're tired of it, then they start worrying about tax hikes, as our own ayman javers said, probably an accurate point, we may not, they may not in washington get to tax hikes until the middle of january, when a potential new president is sworn in, and then i could just tell you from the reagan days, you don't just snap your fingers and do a deal. these things have -- even with romney, it will take months to go through the process. >> i think -- despite the fact i'm completely supporting the new conservative administration, i do think it might get a little trickier if republicans come in. i think they may wait and i think it could be -- i won't say a disaster by any means, i think it could spook the market quite easily. >> let's prosecuting in jeff, who knows a thing or two about all this, the chief market strategist. good evening, je
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3